General Tab

Password protected - check this if you would like to protect the room with a password. Type the access password in the "Password" field.

Room user limit - the maximum number of users in this room (0 - unlimited).

Talk users limit - the number of users that can broadcast audio simultaneously.

Talk time limit - the amount of time a user can broadcast audio (0 - unlimited).

Disable microphone usage - check this to disable audio in this room.

Allow "Push to talk" mode only - check this to make this chat room support "Push to talk" audio mode only.

Is a permanent room - check this if you want this room to be a permanent one.

Desktop share users limit - the maximum number of users who can share their desktops at the same time.

Disable desktop sharing - check this to disable desktop sharing in this room.

Message of the Day Tab

Here you can type a message of the day that will be displayed to users entering the room. You can make this message a user agreement by checking the "Agreement message" checkbox. If you do so, the users will need to accept it in order to enter your room. If they don't, they will be denied entry.

Users' Logon

When the user attempts to log into Camfrog Web Advanced, the web server generates an html link containing session parameters. These parameters contain server information (server name and listening port), user information (nickname, age, sex etc.) and user's privileges (pro/free user, limits on viewing video and so on).

Below is the description of session parameters.

cfsServerName - name of the server the user will connect to. It can be a domain name or an IP address.

cfsServerPort - server's listening port.

cfsNickname - user's nickname.

cfsAge - user's age.

cfsSex - user's sex.

sessionKey - see the Session Key Generation section for information on this parameter.

profileLinkURL - URL to the user's profile.

controlWorkMode - has two possible values: PRO and FREE. Free users will be limited in broadcasting audio/video and viewing video. Also, the server can be configured so that only pro users could create chat rooms.

talkTime - time limit for broadcasting audio. 0 - unlimited.

countVideoWindow> - maximum number of video windows the user can open simultaneously. 0 - unlimited.

logonRoomId - ID of the chat room the user will be placed in after logon. If this ID is -1 or a room with this ID doesn't exist, the user will be placed in the default room.

videoExpirationTime - time limit for viewing remote video. 0 - unlimited.

showWelcome> - has two possible values: 0 and 1. If it is 0, the parameters sent via the html link will be used for authorization. If it is 1 the user will see a logon page where she will need to enter her nickname, age and sex. If the /opme option is enabled, the user will be able to enter the /opme command password on logon.

Camfrog Web Advanced Plug-in (Client part)

The client part of Camfrog Web Advanced is implemented as a web browser plug-in. The user is prompted to download it on first logon. Below is a screen shot of what Camfrog Web Advanced looks like:

The bottom part of the screen contains the text chat field. Text messages are typed there and sent by clicking the "Send" button in the bottom right corner.

Above the text field are the following buttons (left to right):

Emoticons - push this button to see the list of emoticons you can insert into your text message.

Fonts - push this button to change the font your text messages will appear in.

Desktop sharing - push this button to start desktop sharing.

Region sharing - push this button to start sharing a part of your desktop. You will see an opaque frame that will define the region you are sharing. You can stretch it and move it around.

Stop sharing - push this button to stop desktop sharing.

Hands free - push this checkbox to broadcast audio without needing to push the "Talk" button.

Talk - push this button to broadcast audio. You will be broadcasting as long as you keep this button pressed.

Mute - push this button to disable incoming audio.

Volume slider - use this slider to control incoming audio volume level.

Camfrog Web Advanced Settings

Push the "Settings" button in the upper right part of the screen to adjust your settings:

Video capture device - your video output source (typically a webcam).

Enable Webcan auto-organizing - enable/disable auto-organization of video windows on your desktop and choose the way they are organized.

Audio capture device - your audio output source (a microphone or some other device).

Record volume - your audio device's volume.

Audio playback device - the device that will be used for audio playback.

Playback volume - audio playback volume.

Select Language - Camfrog Web interface language.

Add time stamp to message - add timestamps to users' messages.

Use Enter key to send message - if enabled, text messages are sent by pressing Enter; if disabled, they are sent by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

Disable IM system - enable/disable instant messaging.

Show Join and Quit messages in chat room - enable/disable messages about users joining and quitting in the text chat.

Sticky Video Windows - enable/disable video windows "sticking" to each other.

Use old rendering system - use the old rendering system for video streams (recommended for slow computers).

Creating a New Chat Room

Note that Camfrog Web Advanced Server's settings might deny users to create new rooms or only allow it to users who have a certain role.

In order to create a new chat room push the "+" button to the right of "Available Rooms" list. You will see a window where you need to specify the new room?s settings. Below is the list of these settings:

Enter the name of the new room - the name of the room to be created.

Please specify a password if needed - room's access password. Leave this field blank if you do not want the room to be password-protected.

Extended settings - check this to show more settings. Note that some of them are only available to users with a certain role.

Talk time limit - the amount of time a user can broadcast audio (0 - unlimited).

Room users limit - the maximum number of users in the chat room.

Simultaneous mic user limit - the maximum number of users who can broadcast audio simultaneously.

Desktop sharing user limit - the maximum number of users who can share desktops simultaneously.

MOTD - room's Message of the day text.

MOTD Agreement - defines if the Message of the day is an agreement message (users must accept it to enter the room).

Push to talk audio mode - determines room's audio mode.

Permanent - determines if the room is permanent.

Users' Roles and Chat Commands

Camfrog Web chat users can be assigned various roles. User's role determines which chat commands she may issue. Below is the list of possible user roles and chat commands available to them. Every next role has more rights than the previous one. Thus, an Operator may issue any command available to Users and Friends plus several more commands.


/quit - quit chat.

/ver - display Camfrog Web Advanced Server's version and uptime.

/ignore - manage ignore list.
Syntax: /IGNORE nickname [-|REMOVE|ADD]

/roomlist list - display room list.

/opme - grant the user issuing this command Owner status for the current session.
Syntax: /opme password

/help - display chat commands help


/msg - send a private message.
Syntax: /MSG nickname|'opfw' message:
o - operators;
p - operators +;
f - friends;
w - owners.


/banlist list - display the ban list.

/whowatching - check who is watching on this user.
Syntax: /WHOWATCHING nickname

/watchlist - check user's watch list.
Syntax: /WATCHLIST nickname

/kick - kick user.
Syntax: /KICK nickname [reason]

/punish - punish user.
Syntax: /PUNISH nickname [[N] minute[s]|hour[s]|day[s]] [reason]

/unpunish - unpunish user.
Syntax: /UNPUNISH nickname

/blockmic - block microphone.
Syntax: /BLOCKMIC nickname

/unblockmic - unblock microphone.
Syntax: /UNBLOCKMIC nickname

/punishlist - display the list of punished users.

/oplist list - display the operator list.

Operator +

/roomlist remove - remove a room.
Syntax: /ROOMLIST REMOVE room name

/roomlist proonly - make the room available to pro users only.
Syntax: /ROOMLIST PROONLY room name on|off

/roomlist permanent - make a room permanent.
Syntax: /ROOMLIST PERMANENT room name on|off

/banlist add - add a ban list rule.
Syntax: /BANLIST ADD banlist rule

/banlist remove - remove a ban list rule.
Syntax: /BANLIST REMOVE part of rule

/ban - ban user.
Syntax: /BAN nickname

/banip - ban user by ip.
Syntax: /BANIP ip


/stat - display the following statistics:
server's uptime;

overall number of accepted connections;

number of unique connections;

number of users online;

incoming/outgoing traffic;

number of incoming/outgoing audio, video and desktop streams;

number of banned and punished users.

/addfriend - add server's friend.
Syntax: /ADDFRIEND nickname

/delfriend - remove server's friend.
Syntax: /DELFRIEND nickname

/clearbl - clear banlist.
Syntax: /CLEARBL password (use /addowner password here)

/ip - display user's ip.
Syntax: /IP nickname

/oplist add - add a user to the operator list.
Syntax: /OPLIST ADD nickname [+|ROLE] [PASSWORD]

/oplist remove - remove a user from the operator list.
Syntax: /OPLIST REMOVE nickname

/addowner - assign a user Owner status.
Syntax: /ADDOWNER nickname password

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